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It can take some time to construct a good and relevant online assessment. Our area of interest is Economics and to a certain extent Business Studies.
Resources are based on the requirements of the New Zealand curriculum.
The principles we use can be applied to any discipline or subject.

Assessments can be constructed in such a way that when a series of questions is completed they represent a paragraph or model answer. And of course an essay is a series of paragraphs.
We use Adobe Captivate to construct our assessments and games. They are optimised for Moodle but can be adapted for other SCORM based Learning Management Systems, as well as Tin Can API.
They are accessible on most computers, laptops and tablets but are not suitable for smartphones, mainly due to the layout design.
It is possible to construct assessments which are responsive and do work on smart phones but loading speeds vary with processor power and connection.
If you would like assistance with designing an online assessment, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
All Economics and Business Studies assessments and games on this website can be downloaded free of charge.


Please check out the Economists tab on the menu for a useful resource suitable for senior students.