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These can of course be used at all levels but are geared towards the externally assessed Level 1 standards.

It is important that players read the instructions at the beginning of the games. (Press the “?” button).

Players can play alone or their efforts can be shared with the class over a wireless connection: e.g. a student plays the game on a tablet which is connected to the teacher’s notebook via Splashtop (or similar app) or Miracast and projected to the class on a data show or similar.


Students will need more than one attempt. I suggest 5 attempts on Moodle.


To see an alphanumeric game in action please press here.


Students don’t score marks until they completed each game successfully.

For help with uploading these games to Moodle please press here:


Please check out the accompanying sufficiency statement and scoring guide for each game.

These games should work on most devices.

They should play on android devices as well as devices with iOS (e.g. iPads). They are not suitable for smartphones.

With tablets with a built in accelerometer tilt the tablet left or right for the alphanumeric game.

They have been optimised for Moodle but can be used on other SCORM or Tin Can capable Learning Management Systems.

Marks are recorded on the LMS.


There is a PDF file available with each game. This is a fully working version of the game (requires the Adobe Flash player as well as Adobe Reader version 9 or higher). This can be used to play the game without having to log onto Moodle.

I am making these games available to all teachers of economics free of charge.


For communication or feedback please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tom Neumann