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Bringing famous economists and their ideas to life can be a challenge for teachers of economics.
Many students, particularly those under the age of 20 years, have little interest in reading about or learning from the giants on whose shoulders the rest of us economists stand.
Yet the discipline
of economics is rich with great thinkers and characters who have changed the world.

This resource allows students to hear some of the greatest and most famous economists describe their lives and their ideas.
Simply press on images to hear economists talk about themselves and their work in accents that closely mirrors what they might have sounded like. The images are animated in line with the audio, giving a real sense that the characters have come to life.
Each clip is only two to three minutes long, allowing students to have their interest piqued but without causing those raised on sound bites to become disinterested.

This resource was published in the THE JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC EDUCATION.
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