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All assessments are intended to be used as a form of reflective learning as well as preparing students for online assessment in general.

There are no traditional multiple choice questions in these assessments.

Each question is worth one mark unless stated otherwise.

Students cannot move to previous questions during the assessment but are free to do so during the review process.

Students must answer a question to move forward.

When students finish the assessment they can press the review button which will allow them to see their answer for each question as well as the accepted correct answer.

They can then press the explain button which shows them an explanation of the concept(s) tested.

Students can choose to accept a hint or help with some of the questions.

If they do accept that hint or help the marks scored for that question will be reduced.

When reviewing the assessment they will be shown which question they chose to get a hint for and will (if they require this) be shown their answer.