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These assessments are intended to be used as a form of reflective learning as well as preparing students for online assessment in general.

They can be administered as one large assessments using the “full” version.

This can be quite time intensive particularly if a full review is intended.

Because of this each assessment has been split into Part One and Part Two and Part Three which can be administered separately with more emphasis on the review process.

Students should bring a set of earphones and have them available for reviewing the assessment.

Note: the full version has no video review capability.

There are no traditional multiple choice questions in these assessments.

Each question is worth one mark unless stated otherwise.

Students cannot move to previous questions during the assessment but are free to do so during the review process.

Students must give an answer for a question to move forward.

When students finish the assessment they can press the review button which will allow them to see their answer for each question as well as the accepted correct answer.

They can then press the explain button which shows them an explanation of the concept(s) tested. When pressing the More… button (only available in Parts One, Two and Three i.e. not the full version) a short video on YouTube or Vimeo dealing with the concept tested is shown.

Some questions are divided into sequences and students can only move on to the next part of the sequence if they answer the previous part correctly. An incorrect answer will move them on to the next question following the sequence. This will of course affect their final score.

Each sequence, when answered correctly, can be viewed as a paragraph answer to the question.

When reviewing the assessment students will be shown which question(s) from a sequence they didn’t answer. (Note: this can give the assessor an idea where the student’s shortcomings are.)

The assessment does not finish until every student has reviewed his/her answers.